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In Germany, Müller has the scoop for the new packaging launch for the Voice Perfume.

In the summer of 2015, a new packaging for the Voice perfume was designed. JTG WWL launched the new packaging of the Voice perfume Black Edition and more importantly, introduced the Voice perfume Silver and Gold Edition at Germany’s largest drugstore, Müller, in October 2015. In cooperation with broadcaster of ‘the Voice of Germany’, Prosieben and Müller made a customized media plan for the launch of the Voice perfume. Just a couple of weeks before ‘The Voice of Germany’ show went live, the products were in all the Müller stores, as well as their WEBSHOP.

In order to reach the large target group we chose to promote the Voice perfume in many different ways. The Voice media plan included: social media posts, point of sale promotions including flyers, posters, displays and in-store baskets, brochures, in-store music, banners on the Müller homepages and on the Voice of Germany homepage, articles social media posts and last but not least, a video commercial of the Voice perfume in German. The video was broadcast both during and after the Voice of Germany show. Please have a look at the commercial HERE

The visual bellow demonstrates the marketing activities that have been done to promote the perfumes: