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New Gradients Giftsets for Men and Women

We keep growing with the Voice Perfume and the products are available in more and more countries. To stay innovative and keep our current and new customers interested we are introducing new giftsets for men and women. We had some teasers on our Instagram and Facebook but during the Cosmoprof exhibition in Bologna this year the public could get the first preview.

We have made two gradient version giftsets based on our latest gradient 100ml bottles, the Midnight Blue and Pink Sky. Customers were very enthusiastic when we introduced these gradients version where the color flows over to another. Therefore we continued with this line. The 4x20ml giftsets are also a huge success. It’s a great gifting idea and people love the mini sizes of 20ml.

We have added three new colors and fragrances for men and women.


You have the existing one with Gold - Blue and we added to that:

Silver - Blue

Gold - Black

Silver - Black


For Women we added to the existing Gold - Pink the following:

Silver - Pink

Gold - Turquoise

Silver - Turquoise


Both are packed in an eye-catching and corresponding gradient color giftset.

The giftsets are in production and will be available this summer of 2018.