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POS material: the Voice perfume display

The display is an essential part of the marketing strategy used to promote the product. For this reason, we have created several unique displays that will help boost sales and create product awareness. For example, this unique display below encompasses the strong branding of The Voice and will give every retailer the opportunity to capitalize on the great success of the most popular TV show of the moment. The top card can be customized with the logo for each specific country, such as: ‘the Voice of Germany’, ‘la Voz’ for the Spanish speaking countries ‘the Voice’ for the English speaking markets.

Dimensions: height: 170 cm x width 60 cm x depth 40 cm. (1/4 euro pallet)
The display can hold 6 pieces of all the 6 references and it includes 6 testers.
In total this counts up to 42 pieces.